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1. Coral Vase   2. Peacock Vase   3. Spiral Vase   4. Petit Vase

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Peacock, Spiral, Petit : Jennifer McGarigle

Coral : Jenny Barker

Aprilli Flower Vase Collection

Aprilli Flower Vase Collection is a group of 3d printed designer vases which each have distinctive shapes that provide a unique platform for diverse floral arrangements and compositions. Each vase has a minimal but elegant structural setting for floral arrangements which provides unlimited opportunities for floral designers to create their artwork and displays. Each vase consists of eight to twenty stems, each comprised of a singular glass tube housing water and flowers. Each vase consists of three to twenty stems which are comprised of a singular glass tube housing water and flowers that can be easily removed and replaced for refilling water and rearranging flowers without moving the vase form its original position. By using the glass tubes, the flowers can be raised higher from the ground and detached from each other giving more opportunities for opulent, spatial, and dynamic floral arrangement. The organic curvilinear form allows the overall structure to be efficient and functionally sturdy, while at the same time provides a sculptural presence through the vase itself. This sculptural form, along with diverse floral arrangement schemes, can create a strong artistic presence that changes the atmosphere of any interior through the expressed styles of the floral designer, and fill the space with life and refreshment.

 Designer Vases meet Floral Art

Due to the range of available sizes, there are virtually limitless possibilities to vase placement and scene creation within public or private spaces. Each unique design carries with it an intrinsic expression that can aesthetically affect the mood of any scene, and creates a dynamic focal path for the eye to travel upon. The inherent curves within the forms accentuate the natural flow of essentially all floral types, and instill a sense of quiet and soft beauty draped in sophistication. The overall composure of the vase's materiality suggests a serenity and sense of preservation that boasts longevic strength in conjunction with the embedded floral life. The vases and their arrangements become one symbiotic form that shares a singular existence and breathtaking presence.  

Combining New Technology (3D Printing) with Old (Poly resin casting)

Aprilli Flower Vases are created using a combination of 3D printing and poly-resin casting. The exterior shell is 3D printed in several pieces using PLA thermoplastic and later assembled together to create a continuous surface. Poly resin is cast inside the 3D printed shell to add more stability and weight to the vase. The curvy form of the vase helps the structure to gain more strength through organic form by distributing the load evenly to a base surface. This accommodates even large scale floral loads and an increased water capacity, reducing the frequency for watering. After the resin is cured, the vases are sent to a paint finish facility to give a highly glossy and protective finish to the final product. The polyurethane paint protects the vase from thermal deformation or wearing and is substantially durable. The 3D printing technology and processes allow the vases to be manufactured and customized easily in house with minimum finish processing.

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