SPIRAL is an elegant flower vase which has a distinctive spiraling down form for dynamic and artistic floral arrangements. The spiraling down form has been inspired by earlier motion photographs and cubist paintings that capture spinning movements in series of timeframes, and is reminiscent of the natural twist all flowers undergo during growth. Twelve individual stems interconnect to a central spine in an organic body therefore carrying the majority of the vertical load to the base. The radial form creates a dynamically twirling movement along the central spine that allows the floral arrangement to ascend and descend sequentially, as well as radiate slowly outwards.  This is a large size vase to be visible from marginal to far distances and from a variety of directions as it creates a majestic scene from each viewpoint.

Material:  PLA thermoplastic shell with Poly Resin infill, Polyurethane paint finish. Twelve  16mm (d) x 150mm (l) Pyrex glass tubes

Size:  208.8mm (w) x 209.3mm (d) x 714.8mm (h)                         8.3 inch (w) x   8.3 inch (d) x 28.2 inch (h)

Floral Artwork / Jennifer McGarigle @ Floral Art

Photography / Noel Bass