PETIT is a minimalistic, modern style flower vase adhering three stems together in an animated fashion and organic shape. Mimicking the branches and trunk from a tree, the stem grouping separates the flowers into three tiers in order to provide a more opportunistic layout for spatially dynamic floral arrangements.  The structure of the vase is kept minimal in order to shift focus to the floral organization and therefore attributing maximum visibility and attention towards the selected arrangement. Petit is a small sized flower vase which is ideal for intimate interior spaces and fits a vast range of floral types and selections.

Material:  PLA thermoplastic shell with Poly Resin infill, Polyurethane paint finish. 

Three  18mm (d) x 150mm (l) Pyrex glass tubes

Size:  165.9 mm (w) x 120.8 mm (d) x 499.1mm (h)                          6.5 inch (w) x   4.7 inch (d) x 19.6 inch (h)

Floral Artwork / Jennifer McGarigle @ Floral Art

Photography / Noel Bass