WALTZ is an elegant single surface flower vase inspired by bodily shapes and fluid movements. Inspired by waltz choreography, the profile of the vase mimics the movement of a human body within a light billowing dress. The leafy shaped plan profile slightly rotates as it spirals upwards creating three individual pockets to hold floral arrangements. While the front leg poses forward to withstand weight concentration and transfer vertical load, the back leg slightly lifts up with a gentle twist to create a contrapposto within the overall composition. The asymmetrical twist gives potential for diverse dynamic and dramatic floral arrangements. This is a middle size flower vase which is ideal for intimate interior spaces and fits a vast range of floral types and selections.


Material:  Poly Resin, Polyurethane paint finish                      

Size:  179.5mm (w) x 167.5mm (d) x 271.8mm (h)                           7.1 inch (w) x   6.6 inch (d) x 10.7 inch (h)

Photographer: Noel Bass