PRETZEL consists of 4 groupings of stems cascading down a centrally pivotal spine to create an excitingly dynamic and active form. Each group contains three test tubes which can be easily removed for refilling water or floral replacement without moving the vase itself, and creates a brace that supports the adjacent stems like a truss system transferring the vertical load down toward a base abutment. The decending form is inspired by motion photography that exposes the expressed movements of stepped objects in series of timeframes. The combination potentials of each floral group can create a variety of patterns tracing the subtle lines of the floral arrangement. This is a large size vase to be visible from marginal to far distances and from a variety of directions as it creates different scenes from each viewpoint.

Material:  PLA thermoplastic shell with Plaster infill, Polyurethane paint finish. Twelve  25mm (d) x 150mm (l) Pyrex glass tubes 

Size:  316.1mm (w) x 297.4mm (d) x 530.5mm (h)              12.5 inch (w) x  11.7 inch (d) x 20.9 inch (h)

Photographer: Noel Bass