2019.07 Awards of Merit, Concepts, Ideas and Prototypes @ AZ Awards 2019

2019.04 Runner Up, Hospitality Concept @ ACDA Awards 2018

2018.10 Winner, Radical Innovation Awards @ Radical Innovation Awards 2018

2016.04  Popular Choice Winner, Product Accessories @ Architizer A+ Awards 2016

2016.04  Special Mention, Product Accessories @ Architizer A+ Awards 2016

2016.04  Gold Winner, Furniture & Decorative Items @ A'Design Award 2016

2016.04  Gold Winner, 3D Printed Forms and Products @ A'Design Award 2016

2015. 12  Finalist, Product Category @ Spark Design Awards 2015

2015.07  Honorable Mention, Situational Synthesis @ Innovative Minds 2015

2015.05  Honorable Mention, Urban Concept Category @ Architecture Podium 2015

2014.09  Finalist, Place by Design @ SXSW Eco Awards 2014

2014.07  Second Prize, Urban Concept Category @ Rethinking the Future 2014

2014.07  Winner, Concept Category @ Green Dot Design Awards 2013

2014.04  Silver, Futuristic Design Category @ A' Design Award 2014

2014.04  Special Mention @ WT Smart City Awards 2014



2016.03  Lumibolic (w/ Meredith Sattler), LA Skyline 2016 @ Bank of America Plaza, Los Angeles, California, USA

2015.10  Group Exhibition, Organic Designs @ Carnegie Arts Center, Turlock, California, USA

2015.10  Group Exhibition, Retree @  Steamboat Arts Council, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA

2015.09  Group Exhibition, New Directions '15 @ Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

2015.08  Group Exhibition, Flora and Fauna @ Orange County Creatives, Laguna Beach, California, USA

2015.05  Trade Fair @ Hospitality Design Expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA

2015.03  Group Exhibition @ AIA Annual Emerging Professionals, AIA National Headquarters, Washington DC, USA

2014.05  Trade Fair @ ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), Jacobson Center, NY, USA

2014.04  Group Exhibition @ WT Smart City Award, Palazzo Isimbardi, Milan, Italy



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