The CITY is an urban style flower vase inspired by modern skyscrapers. Minimizing the usage of ground surface, the rectangular ground profile elegantly transforms into a triangle shape as it moves up to the top. The minimal but elegant curvy side facade creates a strong composition along with the series of blocks. The City comes with a variety of sizes based on the size and proportion, and is a perfect fit to anywhere from an office desk to a weekend brunch café or to a chic hotel suite. This is a middle size vase perfect for combinations and optimal for most stereotypical flowers.

Material: PLA thermoplastic with plaster infill or Porcelain 
Dimensions: Small - 5.0cm / 2.0in (w) x 5.0cm / 2.0in (l) x 22.0cm / 8.6in (h), Medium - 7.0cm / 2.7in (w) x 5.0cm / 2.0in (l) x 23.5cm / 9.25in (h), Large - 9.0cm / 3.5in (w) x 5.0cm / 2.0in (l) x 25.0cm / 9.8in (h)